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This section of the Help section provides you with information and links to help you manage your Qwest.net Internet account.

* Changing Password - how to change your passwords.
* Changing User name - how to change your user name.
* Connecting / Dial in Numbers - setting up roaming service.
* Install / Upgrades - instructions for setting up your Qwest.net account when you upgrade your computer or want to add a new computer.
* Newsgroups - Set up - information about newsgroups and how to set up a newsgroup in Qwest.net.
* Overview of Qwest.net - information overview about Internet access using Qwest Choice Internet PrimeTM, Qwest.net StarterPakTM and Qwest.net OfficeWorksTM.
* Primary & Secondary Accounts - information about your primary Qwest.net account and any secondary accounts you might have.
* Static IP Addresses - information about leasing static IPs. Available to Qwest Choice Internet Prime and Qwest.net OfficeWorksSM customers.
* Web Publishing - information about publishing your Web page.
* Working with e-mail - working with your e-mail including information about adding additional e-mail boxes.