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Custom Installation Instructions

Since you're already a Qwest.net subscriber, you were sent a CD. You will need to install Netscape® Communicator™ from the CD.

This will allow your Qwest.net account information to remain unchanged and enable you to have the same user account information on both computers or just on your new computer.

The Custom Install instructions are different for Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Windows NT® users than for Macintosh users. Both sets of instructions are included here. You may want to print the instructions before loading the Custom Install version of Netscape from your Qwest.net CD.

Remember: Print the Custom Install instructions for the operating system of the computer you will be installing Netscape on. It may not be the same as your current computer.

Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT

  1. Insert your Qwest.net CD into your CD-ROM drive and wait for the introduction screen to appear. After the introduction, click Install Qwest.net. Click Install Dial-up.
  2. Continue to the Setup screen. Under Browser, select Netscape and install Netscape.
  3. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer when prompted.
  4. Click on My Computer on your desktop. Go to Dial Up Networking. Click on Make a New Connection.
  5. Now type in your Username or Qwest.net or any name you want to give the connection.

    Make New Connection Image.

  6. From the drop-down menu, select the modem that you'll be using to connect to Qwest.net.

    NOTE: Be sure your modem is configured properly, per the directions provided to you from the modem manufacturer.

  7. Type the phone number you will connect to via your modem. (The number is on the Welcome Letter you received when you initially set up your Qwest.net service or print the Dial-Up Networking screen from the Windows/95/98/NT machine you are currently using and type in the same number.)

    Make New Connection Image

  8. Type in the Area Code and the telephone number in the corresponding fields.(If dialing a number in a calling area that requires 10-digit numbers, put the entire 10-digit number in the telephone number field.) Click Finish to save your configuration into the Dial-Up Networking folder.
  9. Double-click to connect to Qwest.net.

    NOTE: To edit your connection later, double-click My Computer, double-click Dial-Up Networking , right-click the Qwest.net folderand then select Properties.