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Newsgroups FAQs

Q: What are newsgroups?

A: Usenet (Users' Network) is a collection of over 35,000 bulletin boards, known as newsgroups. Topics are divided into main categories and then more specific topics are listed, separated by a period. Some are moderated (filtered), however most accept any content and therefore, may have controversial content. The five main categories are:

  • alt. Alternative
  • rec. Recreation & hobby
  • comp. Computer
  • talk. Current issues
  • soc. Social

Q: Why subscribe to a newsgroup?

A: Newsgroups provide access to information from people around the world on a topic of mutual interest. Often, you can get answers to questions very quickly. You can answer questions from others or participate in discussions you are knowledgeable about. You can also monitor e-mail messages sent to the subscribed newsgroup(s) if you choose not to actively participate.

Q: How do I subscribe, unsubscribe or post to a newsgroup?

A: Depending on your browser, you first need to tell it where to get the newsgroup, then you subscribe to the newsgroup, and finally you read and participate in discussions via e-mail.

You may also read non-Qwest.net newsgroups from a Web interface at GoogleTM Groups.

If you need technical support, use the Technical Support form.

Q: What are the Qwest.net newsgroups?

A: Here is a list of the Qwest.net newsgroups:

  • qwest.dsl
  • qwest.general
  • qwest.security
  • qwest.test

You may also read non-Qwest.net newsgroups from a Web interface at GoogleTM Groups.

Q: Are there FAQs for the Qwest.net newsgroups?

A: Yes, most newsgroups have their own FAQs, it is best to find it and read it before posting questions. The following is the FAQs for Qwest.net newsgroups:

Qwest.net Newsgroup FAQs


This post is made to certain qwest.* Internal newsgroups in order to ensure that customers understand the purpose of the newsgroups and the primary means of obtaining technical support.

The message is posted at irregular intervals as a reminder and as an introduction to new customers.

Nothing in this post should be construed as to replace the Terms of Service.

  1. What are the qwest.* newsgroups?

    Qwest provides internal newsgroups for its online customers. There are product-oriented newsgroups such as qwest.dsl. The newsgroup qwest.test is simply a 'junk' newsgroup for testing by anyone.

  2. Purpose of qwest.* groups.

    The newsgroups are a forum for customers to exchange information that may be useful to each other as it pertains to the various online products offered by Qwest.

  3. Technical support.

    These newsgroups are not official support venues for Qwest.net products. Technical support is available through the toll-free number and e-mail address that were included with your product package. There are a small number of engineers that monitor these groups and try to respond when appropriate and on a time-allowable basis. They are not specifically tasked with doing this as per their job responsibilities, and may or may not be able to respond to queries. Any contributions they make are strictly on their own time.

  4. Moderation and censorship.

    The qwest.* news groups are not moderated (with two exceptions noted below). Anybody with access to the Qwest news servers, including Qwest staff, dial-up customers, and dedicated customers, can read and post to these news groups. We do not censor these (or any other) newsgroups. Note, however, that the Terms of Service does apply for posts to these groups as well as any other groups.

    Qwest.security is not moderated and available for general discussion.

    Qwest.test is a moderated newsgroup used for testing by the news administrator.

  5. Will this ever be a support channel?

    Possibly. While there are issues to resolve, such as, how to effectively track the number and type of posted questions, as well as, to be able to quickly discern the connection (analog dial-up, ISDN, DSL, dedicated, etc.) type a poster belongs. Currently, there are mechanisms in place for doing that with e-mail and phone support that do not transfer well to newsgroups. Right now this is considered extremely low priority because more traditional methods of getting support are in place.

  6. Why can't I get the qwest newsgroups at another ISP?

    Qwest.* Newsgroups are not propagated past our servers and are available only through Qwest. Questions can be posted or directed via e-mail to support@qwest.net or sent using the Technical Support form.